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Welcome To The Real Shit…

Here is an opportunity to seek and find. You want insight into a current situation and how it will pan out? You may even want to know who or what is coming your way? Sometimes you hit the “boring” button on life and want to make sure it will not stay that way. It may even be that you are freaking out and do not want the current circumstances in your life. I get it! Whatever it is, c’mon in and see how I can help you with my psychic intuitive abilities. I have been giving readings for a long ass time, so I know down to my toes what I am doing, plus I was born this way. In Human Design I am a Projector my main gates defined include 10-57 channel being all about intuition, along with other mystical magical gates. I also have my sun in the 12th house with Scorpio rising. I am practical, yet unlimited in how I capture information (and frankly so are many people–if they only knew!). I also am a Reiki Master and can read tarot, or just rely on all my “clairs” clairvoyant, et al.

More About Me

After going through times of not publicizing my psychic abilities, it is time to come back out of the attic with them and into the light. I have been doing readings for over 25 years. I am a straight shooter, but will not destroy your life view (unless you’re living in a fantasy–then its time to get into reality). Want to know more about me? Visit my main business site. I actually created this site, because it is one of my passion projects and it is something I love doing. I miss offering it to new people. Most of my clients have been with me for years, most of them give me referrals, and I am grateful for it!

  • How did I even realize I was psychic? Well, I always knew things. ALWAYS. It wasn’t til around 30 when a friend dragged me to have a reading for the first time that I was told I was psychic. And yes, I was dragged, because I thought I would hear horrible shit during a reading–it scared me. So, I thought the whole idea of being a psychic was bullshit. And then I got hooked into going and seeing psychics, as my life in my eyes at the time was in the toilet. Every psychic I went to, told me that I was psychic and would start calling me for readings. Crazy, right?
  • Did you develop your skills on your own? Sigh. Such a nutty story. I was obviously psychic. I could not escape it. Once I knew it was like everyone in the psychic community knew! My first teacher popped up and told me that there was a sign I was to become her student, as they say when the student is ready the teacher appeared. It was an interesting journey; she taught me the Tarot, candle magic, astral projection (neither have I done since then on purpose). She also liked to wake me up in the middle of the night to do her psychic readings for her. We had a tough time, as she would say she was the teacher and I had to do what she said. So that ended.
  • Was that it? I really struggled with wanting to give readings. I would and then I doubted it, but shit would come true. I even went with a friend to an Edgar Cayce meeting where someone channeled him. Everyone in the room heard from him, “yes the pool you want in your backyard will be there next summer.” When they got to me, “You are a healer, you have to accept that you have psychic abilities and you’re supposed to use them to help people.” Uh, gee thanks! I was annoyed with it. Anyways, metaphysical teacher #2 popped up. She was great and was in my life for many years. We did ESP cards together, more Tarot, and meditation. Then there were other psychics (mediums, witches, you name it) who came into my life for brief periods. There was one who was bothered because she said being psychic was like washing my hands–it was that easy (instead of doing a bunch of rituals and other shit that I had no time or real interest in committing to)
  • What else do you want to know? Email me at and I can tell you more about me. (I don’t answer psychic questions for free through email)

Services are Psychic Readings & Energy Cocktail

Pricing for a Psychic reading as follows (on the phone or outside the US on Zoom): 

15-minute reading: 175.00

30-minute reading: 325.00

60-minute reading: 600.00

First Time Reading? I understand, if you are roaming around the web and do not know me from anywhere. Who knows if I am real (uh, well lots of people)? As a “temporary” offer for first-time people only, you can receive a 30 minute session for 200.00. Just click the payment button here.

Ready for a deep soul dive into what you are meant to do, where you are meant to be and other questions to put you in alignment with your soul? Spend 30 days with me. This includes a psychic reading and a deep dive into psychic guidance weekly to where you will gain clarity and have a plan with purpose. I like to call it my combo of getting to the spiritual root of your journey and guidance in how to climb your ladder to the next level of living. Please email if you have questions about how this works.

Energy Cocktail:

What is it? Imagine drinking a margarita, but the buzz lasts longer. Energy work is NOT permanent unless you change your stinkin’ thinkin’. You cannot have someone wave a magic wand and change your life with moving some of the accumulated energetic crud inside of you. But for a day or even a couple (according to feedback I have gotten) days–you will absolutely feel groovier! You will feel lighter, better and clearer–better than drugs! I am a Reiki Master; I have been working with energy for about 25 years as well. Again, remember, unless you’re willing to dig deep and change your beliefs you will accumulate new shit at some point, but til then try the energy cocktail for 100.00 a shot.

One Energy Cocktail: 

Once you have paid for your session (I will be notified), please go ahead and click on the link for your session. If you cannot find a time with any of the links, please message me.

Energy Cocktail

15 minute session

30 minute session

60 minute session

Manifest Your Honey-Bun Mini Course

This was one of several letters I wrote–there was true synchronicity in how my husband came into my life. This mini–course can help you to bring that partner into your life. The writing really causes you to grow when it is done authentically.

Manifest Your Honey-Bun NOW

Ha! Yes, manifest that guy or gal. I wrote a bunch of letters and like magic, he appeared! (well, okay it was a bit more than the letters–I had to actually want to receive the relationship)

We all talk about the Law of Attraction. Some of us think it’s bullshit. Some of us believe that the Law Of Attraction works for others, but not them. And some believe they can manifest a mate when they’ve been good or followed the rules. I definitely call bullshit on all that.

If you would have asked me a handful of years ago and longer, I would say I was the victim of my own crap. I told myself crappy stories about what was possible for me and I looked longingly at what others were able to have when it came to relationships.

What did they have that I was apparently lacking? How come it was easy for them to meet someone and all I attracted were people who it was a one-shot date or people where it turned into dysfunction junction with them. I always seemed to have an issue with guys who liked me too. There was something I could pick apart about the guy, then I could go home and feel disappointed and feel sorry for myself that there was no one for me. I was convinced I was doomed forever to be alone.

All this hoopla did was to feed into my crappy-ass negative beliefs, these beliefs of course were meant to keep me safe. Protect me from change. It took me a long time to get that the fear I had was really driving the wagon and controlled what I focused on (the guy being the issue) rather than me taking a look at my beliefs and what fears they held in place.

And yeah…I realized about 8 months before I met my husband that I was scared shitless. Standing in my bathroom realizing I was MY OWN biggest issue. It did not matter how many times before this I had tried to manifest my partner–I realized I was SO FAR AWAY from a relationship because of my fears. SO FAR AWAY.

And yes, I just did mention “in the past,” yeah…I spent years buying books or listening to someone tell me how to manifest my partner. It did not work a lot of the time, because I was not connected to myself or what I really wanted. (and I secretly believed it would not work too) I would try to be Polly Perfect or act like I was 100% Positive Paula when I was feeling everything would not work out as I focused on bringing in “the one”.

Anyways, in the past, there were other times, after I was divorced that I really did connect to some part of me–not my real feelings or authentically who I was (though I would have told you differently back then) in my heart. I was connected in a way to my head…what my head and my emptiness said I needed. I needed guys to rescue me emotionally (but I never would have said that then–I played it cool as a cucumber til I was attached then I was fucked).

Honesty, Frustration, Desire and Growth were in some of my letters. This is just an example of writing on days where I felt frustrated. Instead of avoiding it, I went for it!

I set my sights on believing no one was gonna show up and be functional because it always had to have that intensity or out of this world chemistry for me to think “yes, this is it!” I manifested two relationships right in a row that were the last of their kind. The kind where I was insecurely attached. I would say I manifested those–because I put energy in that direction, worked my ass off to be open to meet someone. At the same time. I totally lacked the clarity about myself and what I believed I deserved.

My life took a huge turn when I committed to wanting a good, healthy relationship. It was hard work to actually stick to what I said I wanted (which the problem mostly came from keeping the commitment and not letting fear take over). I had to surrender over and over again. I decided to start writing letters to a man I had not met yet–honest not bullshit letters. I wanted to have a real relationship and I knew it meant me being real, not fake and falsely positive.

I started with the intention of learning about myself toward meeting my guy. I had no idea how long it would take (compared to the past where I demanded a time/date) and it was okay. I knew the important part was my willingness to go on this journey. To be open and available.

Two months after I wrote my first letter I met my husband. He proposed exactly a year after we met and married about 7 months later. Yep, I never worked less hard outside of me and harder inside to be open and allow fear to do whatever it was doing (but kept surrendering to) while I kept focused on what I wanted.

What about you?

Having clarity and honesty about yourself is the key to attracting the partner for you. And that is what was the game changer was for me, I wanted a partner who would love me as I was in that moment. All you gotta do is make up your mind, feelings, inner wisdom and soul to do it! Ha! Sounds like a tall order? Not really, it is easy to as long as you keep getting out of your own way.

And so for you, I put together this mini-course, which includes my letters and guidance on how to manifest your honey bun!!! I made it affordable for everyone, under 30.00 for 30 days of instructions! You will get 6 videos and plenty of downloads full of information to get you where you want to be–hand in hand with your own honey bun! Click here to sign up!